Mr. Schwartz did a wonderful job in helping me on my DUI case. Although it did not get dropped as we were hoping he was able to get me a pretty sweet deal. I would say over all they are definitely worth the money.
– Greg J.

Called Gabriel Schwartz up to help me out with some traffic violations that I had recieved traveling through Eagle county next to Vail. I live in Michigan and was given a summons to appear in court from a red headed state trooper in her thirties(more on her later). Gabe was able to appear for me in court so I didnt have to spend money flying back and renting a car, etc…. Gabe took care of my citations with the prosecutor and was able to drop one and significantly reduce the other. This law office was worth every penny. Thanks Gabe!
– Jack M.

Using the Law Office of Gabriel N. Schwartz, P.C. was the best decision I could of made. I was in a “Rock and a hard place,” type of situation. Feeling backed into a corner facing one criminal citation and two different family court matters, Gabriel Schwartz never dropped the ball and did an extraordinary job against an aggressive D.A. and a deviating opposing defense. Gabriel always had my best intentions at heart and was always up front and honest with all options presented. I could not be happier with the out come. My only regret was not using him sooner!
– Google User

I highly recommend the Gabriel N. Schwartz law firm. I was referred to this law firm and hired Gabriel as my attorney. He listened to me, and made sure to follow through with each and every request I made. I have worked with lawyers in the past who were good, but I felt they were very busy and got to my case the day before or day of. Up until my court date Gabriel contacted via phone and email to let me know any updates, information he had gathered, and advice for me. I felt very secure and in good hands with his service. Not only is he a caring lawyer, but a lawyer that handles his cases with every detail to win the case.

He is very comfortable in the court room and keeps me, and I’m sure his other clients very at ease, the most you can be in a court room. He knows his stuff and gets down to the facts and evidence rather than beating around the bush. When Gabriel was on a case and I needed to talk to someone else in the firm they were very kind and knowledgeable and helped me though my questions. They really work as a team their and take pride in their work. Friends and family of mine referred me to this law firm, some with Gabriel and others with Alex and Eric. All of their cases came out in their favor and helped my friends and family with their cases. I would recommend this law firm, especially Gabriel if they want to not only win their case, but have a lawyer whom actually cares and is diligent in all his work.
– Shay